Fast, affordable vegan food

by Katy Beskow
Pink banner image 'Let your oven do the hard work for you - Coming November 2021 Available to pre-order now.' Image shows book cover of Vegan Roasting Pan book by Katy Beskow

Vegan Roasting Pan


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70 oven-to-table recipes that are cooked in just one tin – a roasting tin, baking sheet or muffin tin, plus a few select pieces of preparation equipment.

From Sticky maple aubergine with crushed peanuts, Watermelon niçoise and Oven-fried nuggets, to Apple and ginger dahl, Low and slow rice pudding or a Blackberry and peach tart, whether you’re a kitchen pro or a vegan beginner, it’s time to let your oven do all of the hard work for you.

Image shows book cover of Vegan Roasting Pan book by Katy Beskow

coming soon








vegan cooking for everyone

Whatever your reasons for eating vegan, you should always be able to find pleasure in food.

From the fast and delicious end-of-a-long day dinners that stop you reaching for convenience food, to weekend favourites and special treats; my vegan recipe books are full of simple, budget-friendly recipes.

And the best bit? You can forget the expensive, hard to find ingredients that nobody knows how to pronounce. You’ll find everything you need in your local supermarket.






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