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A collection of cookbooks full of simple, delicious vegan recipes
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Five Ingredient Vegan


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Five Ingredient Vegan showcases simple yet exciting recipes that have five ingredients or fewer. It’s perfect for both vegans and non-vegans looking for effortless ways to introduce plant-based meals into their everyday cooking.

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“Veganism has its own websites, it has its own restaurants, it has its own month, and, of course, it has its own cookbooks. Lots and lots of cookbooks. But what sets Katy Beskow’s 15 Minute Vegan Comfort Food apart is that it hits head-on the standard put-down that preparing plant-based food is time-consuming and the results taste bland.” – The Times

“If you’ve recently become vegan, it’s worth seeking out simple recipes for your repertoire. Katy Beskow’s book is full of inspiration for comforting meals you can make in 15 minutes or less. We love the two-minute chocolate chip cookies and sage macaroni.” – BBC Good Food

“Katy Beskow has compiled the ultimate collection of no-nonsense meat and dairy-free recipes in 15-minute vegan. Dishes such as butternut squash and sage macaroni, and harissa aubergine kebabs will make you see vegan cooking in a whole new (and undeniably tasty) light.” – Stylist Magazine

15 minute vegan

Want to make fast, affordable vegan food that’s inviting and tasty?

Whether you’ve been vegan for a while or you’re just starting out, finding a good collection of recipes is key.

When you’re restricted to where you can eat out and convenience food isn’t so readily available, it’s those fast, satisfying homecooked meals that you’ll come to rely on.

With none of the expensive, hard to find ingredients found in many vegan recipes, the 15 Minute Vegan series takes away the hassle of vegan living.

15 minute vegan

Fuss-free home cooking

– Fast
– Modern
– Easy
– Supermarket ingredients
– No expensive equipment

1. breakfast
2. light bites
3. mains
4. sweet stuff
5. essentials

100 modern vegan recipes, plus tips on cooking, shopping, and serving.

Perfect for new vegans, busy parents, and anyone who likes to rustle up quick, tasty meals in minutes.

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“This recipe book has made the transition to becoming vegan so much easier with simple and delicious recipes.”

“Every recipe I’ve tried has been beautiful and my carnivore boyfriend has loved them too! My first vegan cookbook and such a good experience.”

“Excellent book, filled with delicious recipes and tasty meal idea. I’m no vegan, but I can’t knock any of them.”

15 minute vegan comfort food

Satisfy your every craving

– Fast
– Simple
– Satisfying
– Supermarket ingredients
– No expensive equipment

1. comfort classics
2. social
3. solo
4. sides and bites
5. sweet

100 comforting vegan recipes, plus tips on cooking, shopping, and serving.

Perfect for everyone. Because we all deserve to experience the pleasure that comes from eating delicious, homecooked food.

amazon reviews

“Your children will eat this food! This book is rich in good, wholesome family cooking. It’s a great book for those who aren’t strictly vegan but are looking for ways to cut down the amount of meat and dairy we use…and to save a bit of money too!”

I love this book. The recipes are delicious and easy to make using ingredients mostly from your store cupboard. The book is beautifully written, with easy to follow instructions and gorgeous pictures.”

“I gave up bookmarking the recipes as I’d say I want to give around 90% a try! It is as described – delicious recipes that don’t require expensive equipment or obscure ingredients. I’ll be using this cookery book several times a week.”

15 minute vegan on a budget

Save money, eat well

– Fast
– Budget-friendly
– Easy
– Supermarket ingredients
– No expensive equipment

1. love your leftovers
2. from the cupboard
3. fresh
4. family favourites
5. sweet treats

100 budget-friendly vegan recipes, plus tips on cooking, shopping, and serving.

Perfect for students and the budget conscious, this one is for you if you want to save money without sacrificing flavour.

amazon reviews

“I love Katy’s previous 2 books and this is right up there with them. Absolutely love it and highly recommend it. I’ve already got a few firm favourite recipes that I’ll be making over and over.”

“Wholesome, tasty and quick to make, brilliant for anyone with a limited income or wanting to save some pennies!”

“I love both of Katy’s previous books, but I think this may be my favourite so far – the recipes are incredibly creative, and what I have made so far has been delicious! Looking forward to trying more!”


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