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Expert advice on vegan food and lifestyle, money saving, minimalism, and reducing food waste. Plus tasty vegan recipes using everyday supermarket ingredients.

Katy Beskow is a best-selling author, most known for the series of 15 Minute Vegan cookbooks (Quadrille) and her fourth book, Five Ingredient Vegan (also Quadrille) which is launched in Autumn 2019.

Katy is also a freelance writer, with a primary specialism in recipe development, inspiring home cooks to create tasty vegan meals using ingredients readily available in the supermarket. Her recipes have been featured across magazines and newspapers in the UK and US.

Alongside food writing, Katy also creates lifestyle content for printed publications and websites. Her writing interests include money saving, minimalism, reducing food waste, and tips and advice relating to all aspects of a vegan lifestyle. Katy has been vegan for thirteen years (and counting).

With a diverse and informative style, Katy will deliver engaging content to suit your publication.

To talk about a collaboration, email and I’ll get back right back to you.

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