Limoncello panna cotta from Easy Vegan Bible by Katy Beskow. Photo shows three plates each serving an individual limoncello panna cotta with a silver teaspoon to the side.

limoncello panna cotta

Recipe from Easy Vegan Bible by Katy Beskow (Quadrille, £22) Photography © Luke Albert.

Simple, refreshing and perfectly balanced, this dessert is the ideal option to follow a heavy meal. For an unexpected flavour twist, throw a sprig of fresh thyme into the pan; simply discard before pouring the mixture into dariole moulds.

Serves 4

1 x 400ml (14fl oz) can of full-fat coconut milk

2 tbsp caster (superfine) sugar

2 tsp agar agar flakes

2 tbsp good-quality limoncello

zest of 1 unwaxed lemon



Agar agar flakes are available in the baking aisle of large supermarkets, and also in Chinese supermarkets.

Add the coconut milk, sugar, agar agar flakes and limoncello to a pan and bring to a simmer over a medium heat for 5 minutes until you can see that all of the agar agar flakes have fully dissolved. Stir in the lemon zest.

Pour the mixture into four small dariole moulds, then chill in the fridge overnight, or for at least 6 hours, to allow the mixture to set.

Remove the panna cotta from the fridge and place the containers in a bowl of hot water for up to a minute, to make removal easier. Place the dariole moulds on serving plates and gently shake to allow the panna cotta to slide onto the plates. Serve immediately.

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